Individual Health Insurance

The Affordable Care Act has opened up a new opportunity for New Yorkers and residents around the country to purchase individual health insurance plans.  For years, it has been incredibly difficult for individuals to purchase affordable health insurance plans in New York.  Now, with the newly implemented Marketplace ( and a variety of plans available direct from insurance companies, individuals can purchase plans themselves if they don’t have access to a plan from their employer.

The Marketplace offers eligible subscribers access to Advance Premium Tax Credits that can be used to lower monthly premiums, if your income for your household size is less than 400% of the Federal Poverty Level.  If your income is low enough, the Marketplace is designed to help you enroll in Medicaid, and to assist parents in enrolling their children in Child Health Plus if they qualify.  After a bit of a rough start, the NYS Marketplace is operating very smoothly.  Contact our office if you would like professional assistance with the process of using the NYS Marketplace.

For those who may not qualify for tax credits, you can also buy insurance policies directly from the various insurance companies.  Our office is uniquely qualified to help you decide which avenue is the best one for your individual situation.  With over 20 years of experience assisting individuals, sole-proprietors, and small businesses navigate the waters of choosing a health plan, we can provide an independent analysis of your situation and guide you to a solution.


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